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A Legacy of 18 Years Dedicated to Your Loved Ones' Well-Being

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Experience the Warmth of Home, the Care of Family, and the Comfort of Safety

At Colonial Gardens Assisted Living, our story is one of dedication, compassion, and a deep commitment to providing exceptional care for seniors. For nearly two decades, we have been an integral part of the Warner Robins, Georgia community, serving as a trusted haven for individuals and their families seeking a nurturing and enriching senior living experience.

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Comprehensive Care at Colonial Gardens

Providing a wide range of services designed to enhance the well-being and comfort of our residents. Discover how we cater to your loved ones’ unique needs with our personalized care and enriching programs.

Personalized Care

Tailored assistance to cater to each resident’s unique needs and preferences.

Medication Management

Safe and precise administration of medications according to the prescription.

Housekeeping Excellence

A clean and comfortable living environment for peace of mind.

Wellness Programs

Engaging activities that promote physical and mental well-being of residents.

Nutritious Dining

Three delicious meals daily, designed to nourish and satisfy the residents’ needs.

Life Enrichment

Enriching experiences, outings, and events for a fulfilling lifestyle.


Best Memomries

Explore our gallery to witness the vibrant tapestry of life at Colonial Gardens Assisted Living. Through these images, you’ll discover the moments of joy, connection, and fulfillment that define our community.


Best Location!

Our Convenient Location, Ideal for All

Colonial Gardens’ location is not just convenient; it’s designed to promote a fulfilling and active lifestyle for our residents. We believe that being well-connected to the essentials and the community contributes to a well-rounded senior living experience.

Our location in Warner Robins, Georgia, is strategically chosen for everyone’s convenience. It’s near essential services, ensuring easy access to daily needs. We provide transportation services for residents, promoting mobility and independence. Engage with the local community through nearby events and activities, fostering a sense of belonging for our residents.

Our Experts

Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor

Sarah Stuckey

Sarah Stuckey

Lashanor Witchard

Lashanor Witchard

Jill Obrian

Jill Obrian

Fawad Khan

Fawad Khan


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Colonial Gardens is providing assisted living in Warner Robins, central Georgia for the last 18 years Colonial Gardens and it’s highly qualified and trained staff has been providing an excellent service to the community for almost 2 decades.

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